BOARTI Letter M grey - the shelf for the music box #decorationequipment
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BOARTI Letter M grey - the shelf for the music box #decorationequipment

Das ist für Alle, die Buchstaben genauso lieben wie wir. Unser BOARTI Letter M im College Style ist perfekt für Max und Mia, Matheo, Mauritz und Mila und Marie... Hier ist jedem gleich klar, wem die Box samt Sammlung gehört. Ein klares Statement-Board fürs Kinderzimmer. Aufgeräumt und dann noch gut

This is for all those who love letters as much as we do. Our BOARTI "Letter M" in college style is perfect for Max and Mia, Matheo, Mauritz and Mila and Marie... Here it is immediately clear to everyone who owns the box and its collection. A clear statement board for the children's room. Cleaned up and then look good: This is where the charging station and figures find their place. Nix flies around, everything in place and then in really cool look. The "M" has room for about 48 figures. Hang up: You mount cars quickly and easily the shelves and the cradle for the charging station and can then bring the board directly to the wall-for a pre-bore is already ensured. Depending: Just put your music cube on the open space, adjust your characters and the radio play can start to be fun. P.S.: The metal strips on the shelf are standard with us. Since the figures "stick" beautifully in place. Purchase without Toniebox, Hörfiguren and decoration and tools. We work with the natural material wood - this means that there can be color deviations, wood grains or discoloration within the natural material. This is not a production or processing error, but simply due to the material and therefore not a reason for complaint. We deliberately refrain from using plastic/plastic in order to be able to offer a high-quality, natural and pollutant-free product. * * Measures: About 60 cm x 54 cm x 19 cm (BxHxT) Colour: Grey Material: Decorative coated wood material for indoor use Weight: 2.2kg** Care advice: **Simple & simple: warm water!** For light dirt, use a soft, non-fluffy cloth, leather or sponge. When wet wiping - preferably with warm water - then with kitchen roll, re-dry the surface. "Please DO NOT use the following cleaning agents: - a bulletpoint of grinding and abrasive slinging agents (e.g. microfibre cloths, abrasive powder, cleaning sponges with rough side, steel wool) - a bullet pointPolish, furniture cleaning agents, bleach Reining agents with strong acids, sharp chemical substances or solvents - a bullet pointSteam cleaning equipment


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