Mouse Trap Game, Kids Unisex #mousetrap
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Mouse Trap Game, Kids Unisex #mousetrap

Mouse Trap Game, Board Games

A great way for the kids to play, practice and learn cause and effect relationships. This board game consists of how moving parts work, mechanical understanding at a an early age and overall having a great time while hunting for cheese! The Mouse Trap board game is a family favorite and ideal for kids. It's fast-paced gameplay has players quickly navigating through traps and multi-part machines, while collecting cheese and stealing cheese from other players. Make sure to watch out for the mouse trap as you go about collecting cheese! Have fun, but always be on the lookout. Based on the classic Mouse Trap game, Hasbro Gaming brings you an updated version with an even more engaging gameplay and design. The Mouse Trap is more than just a board game with mouse traps and cheese, it helps your kids practice valuable skills in construction, understand cause and effect relationships and it's applications along with decision-making. MENSA for Kids is a trademark of MENSA used with permission in exchange for compensation. Gender: unisex.


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